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The company and its employees are currently based in İstanbul, supplying our products to shipping companies, ship owners, shipyards, as well as ship dealers and agents throughout the TURKEY.

At Besiktas Marine ,we aim to provide every customer with a service with quality products and competitive prices.

We would like to provide you the most trustable information for your orders, your ships or your fleet about all our products.

It is always our aim to catch the latest technology and information to our country with dynamic staff. We have never left working with Specialist Engineers and qualified staff in our technical and commercial applications to reduce the risk to minimum in living spaces and industrial areas. We work understanding of combination of the cooperation with the world's most famous companies and our manufacturing opportunities.

The cost of safety increases as the risk of casualties increase;however when compared to the losses of casualties; this cost is very economical. Working in close partnership with top manufacturers all over the world, we offer high quality, cost-effective and tailor made solutions to our customer’s needs.

Our Solutions include but are not limited to…
Expert Ship Service and Repair
Ship Chandling and Technical Store
Crewing and Ship Agency Service
Provision and Bonded Store

Our company & service partners are approved by the major classification societies.
Registered to ISO 9001 : 2015 / ISO: 14001-2015 / ISO 18001-2007 with quality management system by ISQ.


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1) What are the biggest challenges facing ship supply in near future? How are you planning to meet those challenges?

Supply chain covers either trends or challenges in next years for sure. There seems to be an imbalance in the relationship between shippers and carriers. While changes in fuel used in maritime shipping will impact prices for other modes of transportation, there are additional factors impacting diesel prices as well.
There will certainly be economic dips in years to come, which we will work our way out of once again. But, I don’t believe those ups and downs will fundamentally impact whether change occurs. There may be slowdowns and distractions, but progress will continue.

2) How is the ship supply market developing/evolving in Turkey? What does that mean for your organisation?

First, Turkey has, over recent years, been increasingly fuelling global economic growth, merchandise trade and demand for maritime transport services. Second, increased specialization in the supply of maritime transport services has gathered traction as developing countries continue to gain greater market share in maritime business. For Besiktas Marine it means to become more competitive and to supply right things in right conditions to satisfy our customers.

3) Last 2 years were tricky years for shipping, especially in light of geopolitical factors. How did you navigate those challenges?

Geopolitical factors need to be taken into account in the list of explanatory factors along with other material, structural and ideational factors. Turkey is more directly impacted because of its very geographical location between Europe and Asia

4) How are you planning to evolve in the next few years? What can we expect from Besiktas?

Shifts in global demographics and population growth rates, coupled with long-term economic growth in developing markets, will have implications for the maritime sector over the course of the next decade. Hence, the perspectives for sea borne trade growth, the ocean economy and maritime business potential in general are good and indisputable. From Besiktas Marine customers can expect ongoing productivity improvements increasing supply efficiency from technology, digitalisation, and project management that is prevalent and supportive for maritime companies and significant in their scope.