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Inspection of inflatable liferafts can only be done by approved service stations at intervals not exceeding 12 months. According to SOLAS III/ Call our department to arrange your yearly inspection. The initial cost of a liferaft can seem prohibitive to many occasional sailors. But given that most incidents occur well within view of the land, foregoing such a critical piece of equipment can be a very dangerous economy. Shipping a liferaft from one end of the country to the other is not only time consuming but will add considerable costs to your final service bill. We offer the best economic solution with service cost for valuable customers… 

• Liferafts, Leisure and SOLAS approved spare parts with all necessary equipments

• Liferaft Accessories and Survival Equipment ( Liferaft Senhouse Slip Hook , Liferaft Deck Lashing Strap with Senhouse Slip Hook , Deck Mounting Cradle , Hammer Release Unit and more…)